Walking Tours

Hike Through a Rainforest

We invite you to take a walk in an old-growth forest. The Kwalate valley is a 20 minute boat ride from the lodge. This is one of the few pristine watersheds left in this area. Over the past few years, Knight Inlet Lodge has been building a trail alongside the beautiful Kwalate River.

We will walk up the valley to large moss-covered old growth trees and stunning waterfalls. Your guide will inform you about the rainforest and the various plants and wildlife that abound..The walk is mostly along the valley floor so anyone who is comfortable walking at a leisurely pace for a few hours will find this a very pleasant experience. The trail is rough and uneven and winds around rocks and logs but we feel this trail would suit the abilities of most of our guests. Many people describe this as a hike but for some this is more of a comfortable walk than a strenuous hike. Total distance covered can be anywhere from 4 - 8 kilometers and will include a steep section right at the beginning of the hike.

We often plan this walk for the morning so we can take a packed lunch and enjoy a picnic beside the river, returning to the lodge in time for an afternoon activity.


Interpretive Tracking Tour

On the tracking tour, we are observing bear habitat we don't normally get to see on our bear-viewing tours. Your Guide will take you over to our vehicles opposite the lodge. From there you will be taken on a slow drive down the old forestry road looking for bear sign. Bear signs can include day beds, bear trails, "rub" trees and tracks. If we find bear tracks or any other animal tracks, we can make a plaster cast of the print for you to take home., The object of this tour is not to see a bear. You will make short walks from the vehicle to look for bear signs. The fact we are driving a vehicle and in a group of three or more means we are unlikely to witness a bear sighting. This tour is a fascinating way to experience being on the ground in "bear country". 


Walk Above the Clouds

This tour is a bit different from the others as you will walk along a raised wooden boardwalk to a scenic lookout. With spectacular, panoramic views of Glendale Cove and Knight Inlet the lookout provides an eagle eye view of our local area. A very popular tour that is possible for all guests on a 3 night or longer package.. Access to the trail head is via 4 x 4 vehicle along an old mountain road. For many guests "getting there" is part of the adventure. With a total walking time of about an hour this is one of our easier walking tours.